Spring Is Here

So now it’s spring and I’m getting ready to move with Polo up to River Valley.

Just a note: I might not post much, moving is going to be hectic.

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Strange Away Again

Getting worried about what the chemical band are doing to Strange. It seems they’re making her go away again… this time to Not In Ham… Knotting Ham… something to do with ham…

Oh. What am I to do with Strange these days? I feel she’s getting even stranger.

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Sorry For The Lack Of Posting…

I have been very inactive on here since New Year. You see, a while ago one of the cats brought in my old friend Brendan the mouse. You probably know what cats do to mice.

¬†ūüė¶ So I have been very upset recently. I do miss him. All the summers we spent collecting¬†berries and autumns¬†spend finding conkers and acorns. He will be missed. R.I.P.

I’m just hoping any of my other friends don’t end up like him.

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Just posting this while the coast is clear. The bombs have started falling again! The brightly-coloured ones that go on into the night. So the war isn’t over! Just when I thought it was.

I hope my family are alright! There were some over the garden,¬†I just hope they were deep enough down in the burrows. Polo is getting worried about the situation back up in River Valley. He’s hoping that it hasn’t been bombed too.

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Snow! Oh No?

Just when I thought it was gone the snow is back. Not as bad as last time, so that’s good.

Strange has gotten stranger it seems, dancing at times and claiming that “the world seems perfect.” I’ll have to check that she’s alright.

Albert’s still not back from his travels, we’re hoping he has some interesting tales to tell.

I’m confused as to why all of a sudden everyone is buying things for other people. They keep bringing things round wrapped in brightly coloured paper. It’s quite weird, (and I live with Strange!)

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An Update

Sorry about the lack of posting, it’s because I haven’t been doing much these past few weeks. I’ve been out to see the family, they’re all okay. Snow has mostly gone by now.

Albert’s flown off to Africa for the Winter, lucky bird. If I had huge wings I’d do the same. He’ll be staying with a few friends down there while Polo and I try and stay warm in Strange’s house. Yesterday the heating stopped working, so the house was cold! But It’s working again today.

The cats have been alright recently. They’ve left us alone which is good. They seem to take an interest in a tree that has suddenly appeared in the living room, that grows coloured balls, lights, beads and other oddities. Strange says it’s known as a Christmas tree. I wonder if the bizarre fruit tastes nice?

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More Snow!

I do hope my relatives are alright in their burrows! The snow has gotten thicker and deeper! Polo and I are stuck in Strange’s house, we could use the pathway her sister dug for the cats, but we’d still be freezing cold. There’s no central heating or warm beds in the burrows, just “nests” of leaves. They’ve got enough food, but I’m worried about them all freezing. I can’t go and bring them anything or check up on them.

I’ll go out and bring them all warm socks as soon as the snow starts clearing up.


Here’s a photo Strange took of the garden!

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Strange And Snow

Strange is back! She says she went to London for the weekend. Just a family weekend away, nothing sinister. So that’s good news. She says that Polo can stay until Summer, it’s getting very cold and she doesn’t like the idea of animals freezing!

It’s started snowing already. A vast blanket of white covers everything in sight. (Wow, poetry!) My relatives have all gone into hibernation, Polo and I wont be joining them. We’re going to stay safe and warm in Strange’s house!

She’s not happy about the weather either. Says that she’s going to have to wrap up like an “Esk-emo” if she wants to go outside. Her little sister keep threatening to throw snow balls at her, I hope none come flying at me!

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Worried About Strange

Strange is going away again! Why is she always leaving? Is she doing something secret? She’s been acting… stranger recently… since Monday I recon. As if she wasn’t strange enough already! Has her unusual increase in strange behaviour got any link to her travelling? I’m getting worried. What if she goes completely mad? Why has she been going away these past two months?

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A Ferret…

Today Polo and I encountered a rather strange fellow. He was going garden-to-garden handing out leaflets about someone known as “Kidnapper Bell.” What I first noticed about him was that he looked similar to Polo, I though he was a weasel but apparently he was a ferret.

What was most peculiar about him was his colouring. First he was yellow, then he was blue! Why isn’t he just green? He said his name was Percy and he worked for an organization known as “Fans Of Kidnapper Bell.”

So Polo and I accepted the flyer from the odd ferret fellow, I couldn’t make sense of most of it, but I do remember seeing these somewhere else.





I later realized I’d seen them on Strange’s blog… what do they mean? Why did the ferret change colour? Who would want to kidnap a bell? So many questions, I’m even more confused by this than Strange is confused by numbers!

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