A Ferret…

Today Polo and I encountered a rather strange fellow. He was going garden-to-garden handing out leaflets about someone known as “Kidnapper Bell.” What I first noticed about him was that he looked similar to Polo, I though he was a weasel but apparently he was a ferret.

What was most peculiar about him was his colouring. First he was yellow, then he was blue! Why isn’t he just green? He said his name was Percy and he worked for an organization known as “Fans Of Kidnapper Bell.”

So Polo and I accepted the flyer from the odd ferret fellow, I couldn’t make sense of most of it, but I do remember seeing these somewhere else.





I later realized I’d seen them on Strange’s blog… what do they mean? Why did the ferret change colour? Who would want to kidnap a bell? So many questions, I’m even more confused by this than Strange is confused by numbers!

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2 Responses to A Ferret…

  1. Icewolfie is confused by both! So you and strange are doing pretty good only being confused by one each!…hmm…ferret…sluuuuuuuurp! Nice tasty snack for Wolfie dinner I think! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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