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Sorry For The Lack Of Posting…

I have been very inactive on here since New Year. You see, a while ago one of the cats brought in my old friend Brendan the mouse. You probably know what cats do to mice. Ā šŸ˜¦ So I have been … Continue reading

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An Update

Sorry about the lack of posting, it’s because I haven’t been doing much these past few weeks. I’ve been out to see the family, they’re all okay. Snow has mostly gone by now. Albert’s flown off to Africa for the … Continue reading

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Another Cat Attack…With A Twist!

Yet more trouble from Strange’s little cat Jasmine. This time she tried to pounce on Polo! He was just sitting eatingĀ a left over pumpkin acorn bun, when she crept up behind him and jumped on him! I was aboutĀ  to … Continue reading

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More Problems

Received a letter back from Polo, he says that he’d love to come and stop over. However, sadly the storm in River Valley caused some trees to fall down and the main transport route out of the town is inaccessible. … Continue reading

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Not Okay… [Strange Inspired Title]

I haven’t been feeling myself today, or yesterday. It’s all Jasmine’s fault! A large bruise has developed on my tummy since she pounced on me. I’ve informed a vet who says I’ll be fine, just need a lot of rest. … Continue reading

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Cat Attack!

First day of living with Strange and I’ve had some unwanted attention from Jasmine. I was just sleeping on my back whenĀ I was awoken by her pouncing on my belly. Luckily I managed to curl up into a spiky ball, … Continue reading

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