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Not Okay… [Strange Inspired Title]

I haven’t been feeling myself today, or yesterday. It’s all Jasmine’s fault! A large bruise has developed on my tummy since she pounced on me. I’ve informed a vet who says I’ll be fine, just need a lot of rest. … Continue reading

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A Bit About River Valley

Seeing as I’m going to be moving there I might aswell tell you everything I know about it. I first went to River Valley as part of a residential trip with school. It was a local school for the residents … Continue reading

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Cat Attack!

First day of living with Strange and I’ve had some unwanted attention from Jasmine. I was just sleeping on my back when I was awoken by her pouncing on my belly. Luckily I managed to curl up into a spiky ball, … Continue reading

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Moving In

Looks like I’m going to be safe and warm for the coming months. Strange has given me permission to move in. Good job I don’t own anything, moving possessions would be a long, drawn out process. When you live in a … Continue reading

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Starting Out

So today I just set up this blog. Finally I can leave Facebook to my other relatives and document my “adventures.” My friend Strange has a blog, and she often looks on the blog of a Penguin. So I have … Continue reading

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