An Update

Sorry about the lack of posting, it’s because I haven’t been doing much these past few weeks. I’ve been out to see the family, they’re all okay. Snow has mostly gone by now.

Albert’s flown off to Africa for the Winter, lucky bird. If I had huge wings I’d do the same. He’ll be staying with a few friends down there while Polo and I try and stay warm in Strange’s house. Yesterday the heating stopped working, so the house was cold! But It’s working again today.

The cats have been alright recently. They’ve left us alone which is good. They seem to take an interest in a tree that has suddenly appeared in the living room, that grows coloured balls, lights, beads and other oddities. Strange says it’s known as a Christmas tree. I wonder if the bizarre fruit tastes nice?

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1 Response to An Update

  1. Errmm! Errr! Marky? I don’t think you’d like the christmas tree fruit very much!! Best not to touch! lol 😉 Had been wondering where you’d got to…good to see you poking your snout out 🙂 Our heating usually stops working around this time…usually when it’s the coldest part of winter…oddly this year it changed and refused to be switched off …ooh eerr! Wolf den was nice and wrm though! You stay warm and cosy in strange’s house ok….it’s been snowing again….snowballs ! 😉

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