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Spring Is Here

So now it’s spring and I’m getting ready to move with Polo up to River Valley. Just a note: I might not post much, moving is going to be hectic.

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Strange Away Again

Getting worried about what the chemical band are doing to Strange. It seems they’re making her go away again… this time to Not In Ham… Knotting Ham… something to do with ham… Oh. What am I to do with Strange … Continue reading

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Sorry For The Lack Of Posting…

I have been very inactive on here since New Year. You see, a while ago one of the cats brought in my old friend Brendan the mouse. You probably know what cats do to mice.  😦 So I have been … Continue reading

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Just posting this while the coast is clear. The bombs have started falling again! The brightly-coloured ones that go on into the night. So the war isn’t over! Just when I thought it was. I hope my family are alright! … Continue reading

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Snow! Oh No?

Just when I thought it was gone the snow is back. Not as bad as last time, so that’s good. Strange has gotten stranger it seems, dancing at times and claiming that “the world seems perfect.” I’ll have to check … Continue reading

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An Update

Sorry about the lack of posting, it’s because I haven’t been doing much these past few weeks. I’ve been out to see the family, they’re all okay. Snow has mostly gone by now. Albert’s flown off to Africa for the … Continue reading

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More Snow!

I do hope my relatives are alright in their burrows! The snow has gotten thicker and deeper! Polo and I are stuck in Strange’s house, we could use the pathway her sister dug for the cats, but we’d still be … Continue reading

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