More Snow!

I do hope my relatives are alright in their burrows! The snow has gotten thicker and deeper! Polo and I are stuck in Strange’s house, we could use the pathway her sister dug for the cats, but we’d still be freezing cold. There’s no central heating or warm beds in the burrows, just “nests” of leaves. They’ve got enough food, but I’m worried about them all freezing. I can’t go and bring them anything or check up on them.

I’ll go out and bring them all warm socks as soon as the snow starts clearing up.


Here’s a photo Strange took of the garden!

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2 Responses to More Snow!

  1. Don’t worry Marky, they’ve survived before they’ll survive this now. 🙂

  2. They’ll be fine marky 🙂 They were born for this!! And if you’re going to take socks out to them…make sure you’ve got your thermals on first!!

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