Spring Is Here

So now it’s spring and I’m getting ready to move with Polo up to River Valley.

Just a note: I might not post much, moving is going to be hectic.

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5 Responses to Spring Is Here

  1. I’ll be sad to see you go.

  2. Hello my little hedgehogy friend 🙂 This Wolfie will certainly miss you being around when you move to River Valley 😦 You’re such a cute little hedgehog it will be a shame if you’re not around to post here.

    Seems like Strange won’t be around either…but I guess she has my email addy if she wants to have a chat with li’l ole Wolfie anytime 🙂 Always handy with a confidential and sympathetic flapping Wolfie ear in time of need, these alpha female Wolfies…tho I guess if it’s got to flap all the way from Ice wolf homeworld on Europa…lol…Strange might feel she has to shout too loudly to be heard!

    Bit of a long comment but you said you might not be around for a while so it’s made to last 😉 Pass on a friendly Wolfie hug to Strange for me, and for you…being of the spikey and prickly nature…lol…a little Wolfie lick on the end of that cute black nose of yours! 😉

  3. Having just re-read Strange’s last post I confess to being more than a little shocked. I missed the “vampire” bit the first time around – I can only assume refers to my great friend Androgoth??? He is a good kind and caring friend and has done absolutely nothing wrong to Strange or anyone else!!!! Does she realise the implications of what she has done? Her words are deeply hurtful and damaging and very insulting to an innocent man who up till today she has called a friend. I hope she retracts her cruel statement and offers a genuine apology to Androgoth.

  4. Good luck with the move Marky. Hope you like your new home! 🙂

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