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Spring Is Here

So now it’s spring and I’m getting ready to move with Polo up to River Valley. Just a note: I might not post much, moving is going to be hectic.

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Just posting this while the coast is clear. The bombs have started falling again! The brightly-coloured ones that go on into the night. So the war isn’t over! Just when I thought it was. I hope my family are alright! … Continue reading

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News From Polo

I’ve finally heard back from Polo on my invite. He says that he can come, even though the River Valley transport link still hasn’t been properly sorted out. His last letter says that a newcomer has flown into the town … Continue reading

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Message In The Mail

Again, not much going on. However, I have heard news from Polo. This wasn’t by e-mail as he usually does, but an actual letter sent by Bird Mail. He said that the main power lines in River Valley have gone … Continue reading

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A Bit About River Valley

Seeing as I’m going to be moving there I might aswell tell you everything I know about it. I first went to River Valley as part of a residential trip with school. It was a local school for the residents … Continue reading

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