Message In The Mail

Again, not much going on. However, I have heard news from Polo. This wasn’t by e-mail as he usually does, but an actual letter sent by Bird Mail. He said that the main power lines in River Valley have gone down in a storm! All the power was out yesterday, is still out today and looks set to be out for a few weeks onwards.

Reggie the Mail Pigeon said that he’s glad for the increase in business, but he hasn’t been down here in a while. Poor fellow, had to use a map to find the location.

I sent Polo my invitation by bird, and he hope he replies soon.

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One Response to Message In The Mail

  1. 😉 I think maybe Reggie the Mail Pigeon could be usefully employed in my part of the world too…we have snail mail! Reggie must be faster!

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