News From Polo

I’ve finally heard back from Polo on my invite. He says that he can come, even though the River Valley transport link still hasn’t been properly sorted out. His last letter says that a newcomer has flown into the town recently.

According to Polo, he’s the biggest bird he’s ever seen! This new avian visitor goes by the name of Albert Ross, and claims that he’s flown over the whole world! The River Valley residents have told him of the current problems, and he’s said he’ll help out with the transport. So Polo says that he’ll be flying over on the new passenger bird in a few days, I’m looking forwards to having Polo around. I’m also excited to be meeting this Albert Ross he writes of.

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4 Responses to News From Polo

  1. I’ve never heard of Albert Ross. Do you think he’s flown over the Penguin Community? (We can’t always look upwards for too long for fear of falling over.)

  2. Up in the Arctic, much to everyone’s surprise!

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