Strange And Snow

Strange is back! She says she went to London for the weekend. Just a family weekend away, nothing sinister. So that’s good news. She says that Polo can stay until Summer, it’s getting very cold and she doesn’t like the idea of animals freezing!

It’s started snowing already. A vast blanket of white covers everything in sight. (Wow, poetry!) My relatives have all gone into hibernation, Polo and I wont be joining them. We’re going to stay safe and warm in Strange’s house!

She’s not happy about the weather either. Says that she’s going to have to wrap up like an “Esk-emo” if she wants to go outside. Her little sister keep threatening to throw snow balls at her, I hope none come flying at me!

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2 Responses to Strange And Snow

  1. Hibernation doesn’t sound like fun. I’ve never done it.

  2. I think…Marky…that I would quite like to join you!! I am sure strange’s house is much more enticing than skidding along icy pavements on my backside with my feet in the air! I am trying snow spikes tonight but not sure they will be good on black ice šŸ™‚ Neither do I want frostbite of the wolfie paws…so tell strange to move over and make room on that sofa closest to the fire!! šŸ™‚

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