Strange And Snow

Strange is back! She says she went to London for the weekend. Just a family weekend away, nothing sinister. So that’s good news. She says that Polo can stay until Summer, it’s getting very cold and she doesn’t like the idea of animals freezing!

It’s started snowing already. A vast blanket of white covers everything in sight. (Wow, poetry!) My relatives have all gone into hibernation, Polo and I wont be joining them. We’re going to stay safe and warm in Strange’s house!

She’s not happy about the weather either. Says that she’s going to have to wrap up like an “Esk-emo” if she wants to go outside. Her little sister keep threatening to throw snow balls at her, I hope none come flying at me!

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Worried About Strange

Strange is going away again! Why is she always leaving? Is she doing something secret? She’s been acting… stranger recently… since Monday I recon. As if she wasn’t strange enough already! Has her unusual increase in strange behaviour got any link to her travelling? I’m getting worried. What if she goes completely mad? Why has she been going away these past two months?

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A Ferret…

Today Polo and I encountered a rather strange fellow. He was going garden-to-garden handing out leaflets about someone known as “Kidnapper Bell.” What I first noticed about him was that he looked similar to Polo, I though he was a weasel but apparently he was a ferret.

What was most peculiar about him was his colouring. First he was yellow, then he was blue! Why isn’t he just green? He said his name was Percy and he worked for an organization known as “Fans Of Kidnapper Bell.”

So Polo and I accepted the flyer from the odd ferret fellow, I couldn’t make sense of most of it, but I do remember seeing these somewhere else.

I later realized I’d seen them on Strange’s blog… what do they mean? Why did the ferret change colour? Who would want to kidnap a bell? So many questions, I’m even more confused by this than Strange is confused by numbers!

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Another Cat Attack…With A Twist!

Yet more trouble from Strange’s little cat Jasmine. This time she tried to pounce on Polo! He was just sitting eating a left over pumpkin acorn bun, when she crept up behind him and jumped on him! I was about  to run in and try and help, but being a flexible weasel he managed to twist round, escape her and then he jumped on her back! It was so hilarious watching him ride her “like a bucking-bronco” as Strange put it. If she tries that again, I might try and do that!

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War Over

The bombs known as “fireworks” have stopped falling and Polo and I have decided that now is a safe time to get out from underneath Strange’s bed. I wrote a short poem in my time hiding, it’s not that good. But Strange has poor poetry on her blog, so I’m not letting her have all the glory!

Why do the bombs fall?

Lighting up the sky,

In blues and reds,

to kill us all?

Why do the “fireworks” fall?

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Is This A War?

Polo and I are both scared stiff right now! Why are there so many loud “BANG” noises to be heard? The sky is lighting up with big explosions! Polo says we’re being bombed, but why is no-one running to a bomb shelter? I’ve tried telling Strange, but she says it’s normal this time of year. Why? Is this a war? War all the time… I’m sure I’ve heard Strange saying that a few times.

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The Party And The Aftermath

Well Polo and I did manage to host a party after all! There weren’t many guests. Just me, Polo, Albert, Philbert, Martha and a few local animals.

Even though none of us really knew what the day was about, we managed to come up with something. Polo made pumpkin acorn buns which were very popular, along with the berry wine (which I drank too much of!) It was my idea to bring the human drink of Cola, for this is what Strange drinks in celebration of this day.

According to Albert there’s elements of death and the supernatural connected to Halloween, along with a few “spooky” themes. We weren’t sure how to include this, but I came up with the idea of raiding Strange’s CD collection. (There is some connection to the chemical band after all.)

There was a lot of dancing towards the end of the night, as the drinks went down the party atmosphere went up! I can see why Halloween confuses bats, Philbert and Martha are having a few problems remembering certain parts of the night. They don’t remember dive-bombing into the sofa, or swimming in the pumpkin/berry-punch bowl!

Overall, the night was a success well worth the hangover! Even with little understanding of the celebration we still had a great celebration. I hope I’ll host/attend many more parties in future.

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