Another Cat Attack…With A Twist!

Yet more trouble from Strange’s little cat Jasmine. This time she tried to pounce on Polo! He was just sitting eating a left over pumpkin acorn bun, when she crept up behind him and jumped on him! I was about  to run in and try and help, but being a flexible weasel he managed to twist round, escape her and then he jumped on her back! It was so hilarious watching him ride her “like a bucking-bronco” as Strange put it. If she tries that again, I might try and do that!

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2 Responses to Another Cat Attack…With A Twist!

  1. davethepenguin says:

    Ha ha ha, you should!

  2. One of my land lord’s used to have a ferret…not sure it ever encountered a cat but it was twisty! His second one Fritzy I knew from a baby so he was friendly with me but new housemates he didn’t know he used to chase round the house nipping their ankles! One couple left because he scared them! So I’m not surprised Polo made short work of Jasmine’s efforts 🙂

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