War Over

The bombs known as “fireworks” have stopped falling and Polo and I have decided that now is a safe time to get out from underneath Strange’s bed. I wrote a short poem in my time hiding, it’s not that good. But Strange has poor poetry on her blog, so I’m not letting her have all the glory!

Why do the bombs fall?

Lighting up the sky,

In blues and reds,

to kill us all?

Why do the “fireworks” fall?

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2 Responses to War Over

  1. Hello scared little marky 😉 Very nice little poem you wrote under strange’s bed…! I think they might fall because “what goes up must come down!” You know…gravity and all that…laws of physics and complicated headaches like that 🙂 And they are very pretty…lol!

  2. europasicewolf is right, Marky. Plus humans are always banging on about (no pun intended!) heat rising. So if that’s the case, I would GUESS the fireworks go up when they’re hot but come down because they’re cooler when they’ve burnt out. I might be wrong, though. Heat is not something we spend too much time thinking about in the Penguin Community. Sometimes the fireworks bang for more than weekend so maybe you ought to brace yourself for this weekend, just in case. 😦

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