No Strange Again

She’s only been back for a few days and Strange is going away again! This time to somewhere called Whitby. She’ll be back for Halloween, which she sometimes calls “Frank Day.” Don’t ask me why, she’s not all there in the head.

Speaking of which, Polo and I are still in the dark as to what the day is about. According to Albert Ross it is celebrated differently in different parts of the world, but being a human celebration he’s not too sure what it really means.

So Polo and I are going to have to work with what we’ve got. He’s been out today gathering little pieces of pumpkin to try and make Halloween Acorn Buns. Philbert and Martha have agreed to attend our little “party” and try and gather some more guests.

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One Response to No Strange Again

  1. Does an Icewolf count as a guest? lol…I promise to bring a nice big round pumpkin and some ghoulishly green sponge cakes I found in the local supermarket!! You will like them marky 🙂 They are full of rasberry jam…apparantly 😉 I can even supply gingerbread skeletons, and ghost krispie cakes if you can get your hedgehogy jaw around them! Oh yeah…and some wicked scary chocolate eyes…all the better to see you with!! 🙂

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