Strange Again, Still Confused!

Yesterday Strange came back! She appears to be somewhat more mental than when I saw her last. I hope something didn’t happen to her in Man Chest Hair!

Still at a loss as to what the Human celebration of Halloween is about, Polo has sent a letter back to River Valley asking for our new friend Albert to try and help us out. Philbert and Martha still say that it’s “Confuse The Bats” Day.

I’ve been snuffling around the surrounding gardens asking a few of my friends and relatives if they’d be interested in attending the party we will eventually arrange. They all just say “Oh Marky, only Humans have parties for Human celebrations.” They’ve obviously never been to River Valley.


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2 Responses to Strange Again, Still Confused!

  1. So strange is growing man chest hair? lol!! 😉 What an interesting notion at this darkest time of halloween! Is she in fact a werewolf do you think marky?!! A wild beast of the night breed perhaps! lol Hmm…if you’re having a party…can Wolfie come??? Would enjoy a visit to the River Valley wild-side!!!

    • Hi wolfie! I see you’ve found my little spikey buddy.

      No, I’m not growing man chest hair, I went to Manchester. Silly little Marky just heard me wrong. I’m not a werewolf (sadly.)

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