Party Planning and Confusion

So today Polo has been consulting Strange further about having a sort of  Halloween party. I’ve never hosted a party before, but Polo has hosted quite a few. The problem he says is, we don’t know what Halloween is. It’s a human festivity therefore beyond our current understanding. We’ve even gone to the extreme of asking Martha and Philbert (the bats of Strange’s garden) about it. They say it’s a confusing time of year, apparently it’s the time of year when fake bats come out to confuse real bats. Martha said it also has something to do with pumpkins.

<– Philbert and Martha. (She’s the one looking down at the camera.)

So pumpkins, bats and “little one in chemical band” is all we currently know. Are we on the right lines? Polo seems to think so, but I’m not so sure.

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One Response to Party Planning and Confusion

  1. catinahat68 says:

    Hey Marky,
    I like your post. Its a nice idea; wildlife’s take on humans. Anyway, just thought I’d stop by and say ‘hello’. I’ve not been a member very long myself and am just finding my way around and getting to know how everything works. Take care, Bye for now. Cat X

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