Baking With Polo

Sorry I haven’t posted for a few days, I’ve been spending so much time with Polo, I haven’t thought to post. It’s nice to spend so much time with an old friend, and yesterday he taught me something new. How to make acorn buns.

The recipe is:

2g Crushed Acorn

2g Self-Raising-Flour

Usually fresh berries are added to the mixture, but it’s Autumn now. All the berries have been picked and stored away for special occasions. In River Valley, although the only communal celebration is Water Fest the locals like to host their own parties. Autumn is considered their “party season.” Polo has been consulting me and Strange about having some form of party for what humans call “Halloween.” I’m still unsure what this is. Does everyone celebrate birthday of “little one in chemical band*” or is it just Strange?

* This is a poor description, all humans look giant to me!

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2 Responses to Baking With Polo

  1. We don’t celebrate the birthday of “little one in chemical band” but for years Bruin has had us celebrate the birthday of Bev Bevan from ELO on November 25th because Bev is Bruin’s favourite “drummist” (as he calls him) and all round hero. Richard Tandy and Benmont Tench are my heroes because they play pianos and keyboards very well and were my inspiration for learning.

  2. Oh Marky, it’s funny how you get human things confused.

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