Albert Ross

Polo arrived today! He’s taking a nap as I post this. Just as exciting was his method of transport. Mr. Albert Ross is even more interesting in person. I have to say, he’s the largest bird I’ve ever seen! At first I thought he was a plane!

<– Albert Ross

More interesting were the stories he had to tell of his travels. When I was told he’d flown all over the world, I asked if he really had. It’s true!

This bird has sat down for ice tea and igloo cakes with penguins at both poles! He’s taken meerkats to Miami and back, assisted in building a school for beavers (and taught them a geography lesson.) Rescued a baby jaguar that was stuck in a tree, played mah-jong with pandas… his list was endless! It was a shame he had to go, but he says he might stick around River Valley for a while. Every adventurer needs a place to rest.

 <– I took this as he flew off, (using Strange’s camera.)

I’m quite looking forwards to spending so much time with Polo, and I’m hoping that I meet Albert again.

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1 Response to Albert Ross

  1. Wow, he sounds fascinating! If he’s ever in the Penguin Community again I hope I get to meet him!

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