More Problems

Received a letter back from Polo, he says that he’d love to come and stop over. However, sadly the storm in River Valley caused some trees to fall down and the main transport route out of the town is inaccessible. The only transport available until the road is cleared is bird, but all the birds are now being used for communication purposes. He says he’ll come over as soon as he’s able to.

Another problem for me too. This time from the other, larger cat Oscar. One moment I was asleep in Strange’s room, the next I was awoken by a black and white furry giant pouncing on me! He’s a big wimp really, he ran away as soon as he saw I was awake! He knows I’m spiky and potentially dangerous. I’m going to have to see the vet again, just as my tummy bruise was going down, I receive another in the same place!

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1 Response to More Problems

  1. Oh dear, it never shines but it melts! 😦

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