Cat Attack!

First day of living with Strange and I’ve had some unwanted attention from Jasmine. I was just sleeping on my back when I was awoken by her pouncing on my belly. Luckily I managed to curl up into a spiky ball, but not before she batted me around as if I were a toy mouse. I’ve had to take a very long lie down and I still feel quite sick.

  <– Jasmine.

Polo has e-mailed and said that I will be able to move in with him. His current lodger Jerry the squirrel has moved out of town. Shame, he sounds like a nice guy. Polo says that Jerry is an amazing banjo player. I might have to go and visit him sometime, he and Polo have been friends for a while.

 <– Jerry performing at the River Valley “Water Fest” earlier this year.

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