Moving In

Looks like I’m going to be safe and warm for the coming months. Strange has given me permission to move in. Good job I don’t own anything, moving possessions would be a long, drawn out process. When you live in a garden you have everything you need there, but when I get out I’ll own things!

Heard from my good friend Polo (he’s a weasel) up in River Valley. He’s said that I might be able to come and move in with him, I’m really hoping that I can! River Valley is a lovely place, and I want to get out of this garden. I’ll have to keep coming back to visit Strange whenever I can, I’m going to miss her when I move.

 <– Polo

However, I’ll have the parents, sister and the dratted cats Oscar and Jasmine to avoid. Not hard to escape Strange’s family, and having spikes makes the cats wary.

Of course, I’ll have to put up with Strange’s choices in music. It’s not all bad, but it can get irritating at times.


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7 Responses to Moving In

  1. You sound a bit nomadic, really.

  2. Most penguins are down south but, due to The Curious Circumstances, our community is based up north. To be fair, I don’t suppose you need to grasp much about human geography unless you want to travel long distance.

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